Tastes of Mexico

Plato Loco
A tasteful combination plate of one chile poblano, one steak or chicken quesadilla and eight fried shrimp. Served with rice – 10.50

Super Rancho
A hearty meal of a tender grilled steak, fresh grilled chicken breast and ten shrimp. Served with lettuce, tomatoes, beans and rice – 16.99

Chimichanga Soft or Fried
Two flour tortillas deep-fried, filled with shredded beef or chicken, cheese sauce and fried beans. Topped with lettuce, guacamole, tomato and sour cream – 10.95

Try our shrimp chimichanga – 9.99

Steak or chicken grilled with onions wrapped in a flour tortilla and topped with melted cheese. Served with salad and rice – 9.25

Guadalajara Special
Your choice of beef or chicken served over tortilla chips with lettuce, guacamole and two flautas – 8.75

Taquitos Mexicanos
Four crisp fried corn tortillas, two beef and two chicken, garnished with shredded lettuce, guacamole, tomatoes and sour cream – 8.75

El Rancho Beef Tips
A flat tortilla topped with tender beef tips, accompanied by a guacamole salad, beans, rice and three flour tortillas – 8.50

Mexican Chilaquiles
A authentic dish of fried tortilla chips blended with our special El Maya sauce and topped with chicken or beef tips and plenty of cheese – 8.99

La Superior
One beef burrito and one chile relleno, served with rice and beans – 8.75

Chicken Choices

Pollo Toluca
Chorizo sausage spices up this grilled chicken breast. Offered with rice, beans and three warm tortillas – 11.95

Pollo A La Diabla
This chicken breast is fired up with our spicy diabla sauce. Served with rice, beans and three flour tortillas – 9.25

Pollo Supremo
A rich and flavorful dish of chicken and onions simmered in a creamy white mushroom sauce. Presented with guacamole salad, rice beans and three tortillas –10.99

Pollo Asado
Grilled chicken breasts served with guacamole salad and rice – 9.99

Pollo Monterrey
Marinated chicken grilled and topped with sautéed onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and bell peppers. Finished with a blanket of melted Monterrey Jack cheese. Served with rice, beans and three warm tortillas – 10.99

Pollo Jalisco
Spinach and mushrooms atop grilled chicken strips, covered with melted cheese and offered with guacamole salad, rice and beans – 10.99

Pollo Rancho
An especially good dish of grilled chicken breast topped with shrimp and covered with cheese sauce. Served with rice, grilled onions and tomatoes – 10.99

Especialidades El Rancho

T-Bone Steak* and Shrimp
A wonderful combination of of juicy T-bone with shrimp, cooked onions and mushrooms, topped with cheese. Served with rice, refried beans, guacamole salad and three flour tortillas – 13.99

Specialidad Rancho
T-bone* grilled with cooked onions, bell peppers and tomato. Served with guacamole salad, refried beans and three tortillas. – 11.75

Carne Asada El Rancho
A flavorful skirt steak* sizzled up on the grill and served with guacamole salad, frijoles de la olla, arbol sauce, rice and warm tortillas – 13.50

El Combo Special Combination
Chalupa, chile relleno, enchilada, beef taco, burrito, Mexican rice and fried beans. – 10.50

Chiles Poblanos
Two stuffed cheese poblano peppers served with Mexican rice and beans – 10.50

Chile Colorado
Beef tips simmered in our special red sauce and offered with your choice of guacamole salad or tossed salad, rice beans and three flour tortillas – 10.99

Steak* Rancho
A lean T-bone steak cooked just the way you like it and served with guacamole salad and country potatoes – 11.25

Steak* Ranchero
T-bone steak, hot off the grill, served with guacamole salad, rice, beans, ranchero sauce and flour tortillas – 11.25

Steak* Tampiqueno
This hearty T-bone steak delivers the classic taste of flame-seared beef – 10.99

Carne Asada
Succulent grilled beef served with guacamole salad, rice, beans and three flour tortillas – 10.99

Chile Verde
Chunks of pork cooked in our homemade green salsa. Served with rice, beans, guacamole salad and three tortillas – 10.99

Super Vallarta
A great combination of two flautas, fried burrito, rice, beans and guacamole salad – 9.25

It’s Fajita Time
Indulge in one of our fajitas filled with your favorite items sizzled up with onions, tomatoes, and bell peppers. We rush this fabulous plate to your table with a Mexican salad of lettuce, guacamole and pico de gallo. Includes beans and warm flour tortillas. Tener buen apetito!

Texas Parrilla for Two
A loaded platter of grilled steak, chicken breast and shrimp served up sizzling. Agreat appetite pleaser – 22.99

Shrimp Fajitas – 13.99
Chicken – 11.50
Chicken & Steak* - 10.99
Steak* - 11.50
Steak*, Chicken, Chorizo & Pineapple – 12.99
Steak*, Chicken, Pork, & Chorizo – 12.25
Steak*, Chicken & Shrimp – 11.99
Tiger Shrimp & Scallops – 13.99