Hearty Appetizers

Nachos Carbon
Plenty to share with your whole table! We start with a mountain of crispy tortilla chips then pile on beef, chicken and shrimp, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese – 10.25

Fajita Nachos
Get your meal off to a sizzling start! A colorful plate of peppers, onions and tomatoes atop a pile of crisp tortilla chips topped with plenty of cheese Beef or Chicken – 8.25

Shrimp – 10.25

Nachos Supreme
Crisp chips piled with beef, lettuce and tomatoes with scoops of guacamole and sour cream – 7.50

Create Your Own Nacho
Chorizo, beans and cheese – 6.75
Chicken and cheese – 6.25
Beef, chicken and cheese – 5.99
Beef and beans and cheese – 5.99
Beef and cheese – 5.25
Cheese – 4.75

A generous bowl of Mexican cheese with chorizo, chopped tomatoes, onions and three tortillas – 6.75

Jalapeno Rellanos – 4.99

Mozzarella Sticks (6) – 4.75

Chicken Rice Soup – 4.99

El Rancho Dips

Spinach – 3.99
Guacamole – 2.99
Cheese – 2.99
Beans and Cheese – 3.99
Beef and Cheese – 4.50

Terrific Tacos
Served with rice and beans

Tacos de Chorizo
Three tacos stuffed with our delicious Mexican sausage and served with flour or corn tortillas – 8.99

Tacos Carne Asada
Three skirt steak tacos served with corn or flour tortillas and pico de gallo – 8.99

Tacos al Pastor

Three tacos filled with diced steak cooked in a spicy sauce – 8.99

Garden Greens

Rancho Taco Salad This special salad is topped with beef, chicken and shrimp and sour cream – 9.79

Cozumel Salad
A beautiful salad of plump boiled shrimp over greens with tomatoes, onions and avocado – 9.25

Shrimp Taco Salad
A crisp tortilla shell filled with lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. Finished with boiled shrimp and scoops of sour cream and guacamole – 9.25

Ensalada Loca
A bowlful of fresh lettuce topped with chicken tenders, tomatoes, cheese sauce and sour cream – 7.50

Chicken Salad
A crispy tortilla shell filled with grilled chicken breast strips over lettuce, tomato and onions – 7.99

Taco Salad
Our classic salad of lettuce in a flour tortilla shell with tomatoes, cheese, sour cream and guacamole. Topped with your choice of ground beef, chicken or beef tips – 7.99

Tossed Salad – 2.50

Guacamole Salad – 2.99


Quesadilla Verde
Our stuffed cheese quesadilla served hot with chopped lettuce, diced tomatoes, sour cream, homemade guacamole and rice and beans – 7.99

Quesadilla Rancho
A big grilled tortilla stuffed with chicken, chorizo and onions, served with rice and guacamole – 10.50

Quesadilla Rellena
Pick your favorite, chicken or beef fajitas stuffed into two grilled flour tortillas – 9.75

Ground Beef Quesadilla
One – 3.75  Two – 6.75

Chorizo Quesadilla
One – 3.75  Two – 6.75

Chicken Quesadilla
One – 3.75  Two – 6.75

Spinach Quesadilla
One – 3.50  Two 6.25

Cheese Quesadilla
One – 3.50  Two – 6.25

The Extras

Pico de Gallo - .99
Rice – 1.99
Refried Beans – 1.99
Three Corn or Flour Tortillas – 1.25
Sour Cream – 1.2


Burritos Tipicos
Choose beef tips or chicken and we’ll roll it into two flour tortillas and smother them with nacho cheese sauce. Served with a guacamole salad – 9.99

Steak and Cheese Burrito
Strips of tender skirt steak rolled up, topped with cheese sauce and served with tomatillo sauce and side of rice – 9.99

Burrito Loco
A big flour tortilla stuffed with chicken, beef, grilled onions, beans and lettuce. Served with sour cream, rice, tomatoes, green onions and cheese sauce on top – 10.50

Burritos Mexicanos
Two burritos stuffed with beans and beef tips or chicken with red sauce, smothered with cheese and red sauce. Served with lettuce, tomato, guacamole and sour cream. – 9.50

Burritos Roqueta
Two pork burritos smothered with green tomatillo sauce and Mexican cheese. Served with rice – 8.99

La Mejor Burritos
Two burritos served with rice and beans – 9.99

Burritos Deluxe
One chicken and bean burrito and one beef and bean burrito topped with lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream – 9.99

Hot & Spicy Burrito
Flour tortilla filled with chicken, beef, beans and rice, then covered with beef tips, salsa ranchera, cheese and sour cream – 8.99

Burrito Rancho
Choose beef or chicken and we’ll add grilled onions, peppers and tomatoes. Served with a crisp taco filled with lettuce, guacamole, and pico de gallo- 9.25